G.B. Partners

About us

Passion, experience and continuous innovation guide us since 1994. Today GB Partners offers technologically advanced coffee roasting plants at world  level.

Along the years, We had the opportunity to experience a deep know-how in coffee field, starting from cleaning, green coffee storage silos, roasting applications, roasted coffee storage silos, gringing, degassing silos up to packing machines for coffee caps or pods.

What we offer

  • Complete industrial coffee roasting machines-plants
  • Industrial coffee grinders rolls type or disks type.
  • Silos for green coffee storage
  • Silos fro roasted coffee storage
  • Silos for ground coffee storage
  • Mechanical or pneumatic transport systems
  • Complete hardware-softwares for roasting machines-plants upgrading
  • Refurbished roasting machines –plants


  • Green coffees from the best origins
  • Roasted coffees from the best blends or single origin.

Thanks to continous reseach and collaboration, we are able to satisfy all the customers^ necessities, supplying them taylored solutions. 
G.B.Partners can provide wide range of services like: coffee roasting machines ranging 2kg/Hour up to over 3000 Kg/Hour, software upgrading, personnel training, from cleaning up to confectionary.

G.B.Partners and its team of experts, can support directly all the clients necessities. Our taylored approch to every single business-project, allows G.B.Partners to satisfy the different necessities of our customers contributing to their success and return on investments.

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